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Dork Diaries Entry 1

So today started off fucking amazing! I saw Guardians of the Galaxy at midnight so that was a blast, saw it with some friends as per tradition. We always watch movies a day early. But i got home at 4am and had work at 9am, that was dreadful. I woke up at 8:16, I remember the shock I felt when I realized I was gonna be late. I got up without even cleaning myself up and changed into my uniform, woke my brother and asked him for a ride. I made it on time which was a relief. Work was meh, kinda dragged. But at least it was pay day. Soon as I got home, cashed my check and went to Toys R Us to pick up the last Cantina Showdown set from the Star Wars The Black Series line that Hasbro has been making. Chatted with a worker there who actually HAS THE 90’S RAFFLE PRIZE DISPLAY MILLENNIUM FALCON!! I was envious because that shit is literally impossible to find. Got home, and napped because I only slept 4 hours earlier today. So now I sit here. Bored, not looking forward to the next couple of days.

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